Jun Yao Camry limited to 3 0 down payment date for only 125 yuan

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Snap Up: The REFINED front grille is designed to add layer to the REFINED grille.At the same time also carried out a wide body design, in the visual effect to have more impact.Designed with the ATHLETIC in mind, the model has a distinct personality that is completely different from the luxury version.Not only the use of a larger area of hollow design of the air intake grille, at the same time in the grille internal also use more can highlight the movement of hexagonal honeycomb shape, coupled with the support of sports kit, for young groups have a stronger attraction.(1) replacement gift: free evaluation, replacement car double subsidies to enjoy 6000 yuan comprehensive discount;② Financial gift: an ID card to drive home a new car, 0 down payment to buy a car, the day for only 125 yuan;(3) Battery worry free: hybrid battery enjoy “no limit of life, no limit of mileage” worry free guarantee;★ Provide doorto sign a single or to the shop to buy a car reimbursement and other services, so that you buy a car more time and worry ★ hotline: address: Foshan Shishan Town nanhai District foshan first ring north Bo Ai road station entrance side road