Full moon reunion “Dream new Devil” Yuanxiao double festival activities online

2022-04-25 0 By

Yuanyuan lantern bright moon, lover send acacia red makeup.Valentine’s Day and Yuanxiao festival have already come!China hao earth laughter, yuanxiao shop prosperous opening;Laughter yingying fragrance, exquisite acacia sustenance between the thick love……More sweet fashion butterfly dance fragrance and hanging ornaments knot, flying sword zhuliangchen light online!Sweet Lantern Festival accompanied by delicious Lantern Festival hand boiled reunion Chinese New Year has just passed, “dream new jade Fairy” yinhu annual meeting successfully ended.Then, the tao friends of the yuanxiao shop has been opened happily, shenzhou hao everywhere floating boiled yuanxiao sweet taste.After maintenance on February 10, to 0 o ‘clock on February 24, daily dao friends complete the battle order task, can get rich yuanxiao material reward, and then add to your carefully prepared yuanxiao products.Sesame, osmanthus, bean paste, five kernel, crab powder, fresh meat, hawthorn, orange flavor, a total of nine kinds of delicious yuanxiao, the traditional festival atmosphere is in this sweet and salty yuanxiao entrance, instantly overflowing heart.Tao friends can not only complete the Yuanxiao order tasks issued by Xianmeng, but also complete yuanxiao orders in teams with small partners.Each team has 1 store manager and 4 shop assistants to complete team orders together.Every day when they log in to Dream New Jade Monster, team members can receive yuanxiao stuffing from the partners who logged in that day.With my friends, I managed this shop carefully. I could not only get preserved fruit platter, Emperor Qiong syrup, mount Rune box and limited picture box of Yuanxiao.Bubble boxes and other special rewards, but also to enhance friendship with friends oh!The magnificent land of China, where “Dream New Devil” belongs, has witnessed the friendship of many small partners, and many people have become dream lovers.As Valentine’s Day approaches on February 14, there will be an activity themed “Linglong Love” for a limited time!Tao friends can set off fireworks with your special someone on that day and declare your love loudly.On Valentine’s Day, there will also be a unique limited “Youyo my Heart”, which allows you to travel with your special someone.At the same time, “Dream New Jade Fairy” also launched a number of exclusive appearance.”Butterfly dance fragrance” fashion style with blue and black magic color special dyeing vision.The clothes of the big four characters are decorated with fluttering butterflies, and layered fabrics of yarn make them beautiful and elegant, telling the secret fragrance and endless love for each other.Together with the online also named “knot lianli” double theme pendant, elegant blue and white lotus leaves independent, winding vines, shining glittering and translucent luster.Not to mention the double festival theme flying sword appearance “happy birthday”, red lantern decoration and lovely yuanxiao balls, flying sword main body is quite distinctive solid wood chopsticks as the element, beaming and lovely.The Lantern Festival is coming soon, “dream new devil” lantern shop is waiting for the road friends and partners to come to the hard operation, the end of the fairy alliance orders will have more to the force of welfare oh.There will also be valentine’s Day “Exquisite Acacia” activities limited time online, lantern message lovers, you will encounter, the legend of the limited fate?