Tianjin Jinnan Country Garden First Community: Legal aid into the community volunteer service to solve problems

2022-04-25 0 By

Recently, the first Country Garden Community of Balitai Town, Jinnan District, Tianjin held an activity called “Legal Aid into the community volunteer service to solve problems”, inviting the police and lawyers to popularize legal knowledge for residents.Area analysis police combed the current outbreak of some criminals use commit fraud cases, detailed explained the swindlers as flow of personnel, the CDC staff send links, fishing software released “rapid nucleic acid detection” through social activities to seduce people pay extra, pretend to be charitable organization called on people to donate money “love” and so on the new means of fraud,To remind residents to enhance their awareness of self-prevention, effectively protect their “money bag”.”It is very necessary and timely for the community to do this for us,” said one resident who attended the event.During the epidemic, I often saw this kind of fraud on my mobile phone. I hope the community can spread this knowledge to us and prevent us elderly people from being cheated.”Then, the lawyer explained marriage law, inheritance law and other contents in the new rules of the Civil Code to the residents in a simple way by combining theory with practice, and answered their questions in life.