A woman with a “small mole” on her eyebrow has eaten half of her face and left eye for 20 years

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A woman has eaten half of her face and left eye for 20 years after growing a tiny mole on her eyebrow.”In recent months, I have been afraid to go out and meet people. One side of my face is covered with layers of skin. I can’t hide the smell of my body, and I can’t get too close to people, even my beloved granddaughter, not to mention the gnawed pain.”Aunt Zhong (pseudonym), 57, has been fighting basal cell carcinoma (BCC) on her left eyebrow for 21 years. Since the second half of last year, due to the rapid deterioration of her disease, the left half of her face was “eaten” by the tumor, and her left eye was completely blind.The reporter learned from sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University on February 10, the hospital for Aunt Zhong to complete ultra high difficulty “fill the face”, in the successful excision of focus at the same time for her reconstruction of face.Aunt Zhong recovered smoothly after the operation and was discharged from hospital years ago.This year’s New Year, get rid of the “horrible face” of aunt Zhong finally can rest assured to embrace his granddaughter!In 2000, aunt Zhong suddenly grew a “mole” the size of a grain of rice above her left eyebrow arch. After a period of time, the black lump has not disappeared.Aunt Zhong went to the local hospital for local tumor resection, and through pathological biopsy, it was found that the “small nevus” was a notorious basal cell carcinoma (referred to as “basal carcinoma”).For the sake of insurance, Aunt Zhong immediately came to a hospital in Guangzhou to expand the resection.But there are pitfalls.In 2008, Aunt Zhong found a recurrence of a mass in her left eyebrow arch, which soon grew to about 4cm by 3cm.Aunt Zhong went to a hospital dermatology department has carried out 7 times “photodynamic therapy”, but the effect is not good.Helpless, Aunt Zhong again accepted the “skin tumor resection”, postoperative adjuvant radiotherapy, chemotherapy.In 2011, there was a recurrence of mass at the site of the original tumor, with severe itching.Aunt Zhong accepted more than a year of “excimer treatment”, but the effect is not good.Frustrated, Aunt Zhong chose palliative treatment and returned to Jiangmen.Did not think, Aunt Zhong’s tumor continued to increase, involving the left forehead, eye, maxillofacial, accompanied by pain, itching, ulceration, pus, and left eye compression, vision gradually decreased.In 2019, Aunt Zhong eventually lost her left eye.Two years ago, Aunt Zhong’s granddaughter was born.The arrival of this little angel, let originally disheartened Aunt Zhong rekindled the desire to “live”, decided to further treatment, live more than a few years to accompany this little lovely.In 2021, Aunt Zhong went to a hospital in Guangzhou again and underwent 34 radiotherapy, 8 chemotherapy and 4 targeted therapy.However, more than two months ago, Aunt Zhong’s condition suddenly deteriorated rapidly, the left face mass gradually ulcerated, a large number of pus, involving the left forehead, eye, maxillofacial, oral cavity, tongue, severe pain.Aunt Zhong despair when listen to the “earth”, their external use of “elephant powder”, only to add insult to injury: ulceration aggravation, face ministry formed a huge defect, “half a face” even bone with meat were eaten.Not only is it disgraceful, it’s accompanied by a stench, and it even affects your ability to eat.Since more than two months, Aunt Zhong eating difficulties, can only be broken with food wall machine after the liquid diet, spirit, sleep poor, the quality of life is very poor.After many twists and turns, Aunt Zhong found Professor Zhang Jinming, director of the Plastic Surgery department at Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University.After seeing The situation of Aunt Zhong, Professor Zhang Jinming decided to give her surgery repair, do his best to help her ease the pain, improve the quality of life.Multidisciplinary experts relay, 12 hours of success for her “fill the face” Aunt Zhong after admission, the hospital organized plastic surgery, radiology, anesthesia, neurosurgery, otolaryngology and many other specialties for multidisciplinary consultation, for Aunt Zhong developed an appropriate surgical program.According to Professor Zhang Jinming, Aunt Zhong’s case has not been reported before, the operation is extremely difficult, the technical ability of the multidisciplinary team, team collaboration requirements are very high, but also test the determination of the medical team.Due to the tumor and infection of the invasion of the scope is very large, up to the patient’s frontal sinus, skull base, down to the soft palate, teeth;Anterior to facial skin, posterior to the anterior edge of the first and second cervical vertebrae.The defect caused by tumor still exceeds the midline of the face in the face ministry, there are a large number of very important blood vessels, nerves and organs in this range, a little negligence in the operation, can cause irreparable huge loss, and even very dangerous life.On December 29, 2021, “rally” surgery at the hospital for Zhong Yi: first by the otolaryngology, neurosurgery doctor complete debridement of necrotic tissue and tumor tissue resection, and then by the plastic surgeon further removal of the tumor tissue, get back broadly myocutaneous flap, finally through free back width finished facial reconstruction myocutaneous flap transplantation.The operation took 12 and a half hours, from 10 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., to be completed in five batches.On January 5, 2022, Aunt Zhong was transferred from ICU to the general ward of plastic surgery for further treatment. The tracheal tube was removed on January 17, and the gastric tube was removed the next day for oral feeding.She is recovering well enough to walk.After the operation, Aunt Zhong was very excited and repeatedly expressed her gratitude to the doctors and nurses.She said that after treatment, her face is not as painful as before, and she can sleep at night. More importantly, she can see people again with a “new look”. She can finally hold her granddaughter this Spring Festival.According to Professor Zhang Jinming, basal cell carcinoma (BCC) is one of the most common skin malignancies, which is related to sunlight exposure and usually occurs on the face, scalp and neck.Generally speaking, a better prognosis can be obtained through surgical resection. Complete resection is recommended during surgical resection, and no palliation can be achieved because of the difficulty of repair.If the resection is not complete, there is a certain probability of recurrence of “basal cancer”, but it is rare to see such a case as Aunt Zhong’s repeated recurrence and resulting in such a huge damage. She took many detdetments in the treatment process, which is also the main reason for her face being “eaten”.Therefore, Professor Zhang Jinming suggested that patients with basal cancer should be standardized and reasonable surgical treatment in the early stage of the disease.Source: Guangzhou Daily