Pyeongchang winter Olympics: The Olympic Call for peace

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From February 9 to February 25, 2018, the 23rd Winter Olympic Games will be held in Pyeongchang, Gangneung and Jeongseon, Gangwon Province of South Korea. It is the first time that the Winter Olympic Games will be held in South Korea. It is also the third time that the Winter Olympic Games will be held in An Asian country after Sapporo in 1972 and Nagano in 1998.The Pyeongchang Winter Olympics brought the power of winter sports to the young generation of Asian athletes and ushered in a new development opportunity for Asian winter sports.Before the 23rd Winter Olympic Games, the International Olympic Committee, the National Olympic Committees of the DPRK and the ROK and the Organizing committee of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games jointly signed the Declaration of the Olympic Games on the Korean Peninsula, deciding that the two delegations will march together in the name of the Korean Peninsula at the opening ceremony of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games.At the opening ceremony, the DPRK women’s ice hockey player Hwang Choong Kum and the ROK snowboarder Won Yoon-jong shared the Korean Peninsula flag and led the rok sports delegation to the traditional folk song arirang and entered the venue amid the warm cheers of the audience.A high-level North Korean delegation also attended the opening ceremony.It is the first time in 11 years that the north and South Korean sports delegations have marched together at a major international sports event since the sixth Asian Winter Games in Changchun, China in 2007.During the Pyeongchang Games, the Two Koreas also formed a women’s ice hockey team, the first time the two countries have competed together in Olympic history.China sent a total of 82 athletes to the Games, equaling the number of athletes on ice and snow for the first time.The team finished 14th in the medal table with one gold, six silvers and two bronzes.The nine MEDALS came in five sports: speed skating, short track speed skating, aerials, snowboarding halfpipe and figure skating.Wu Dajing won the men’s 500-meter short track speed skating gold medal.Gao Tingyu won the bronze medal in men’s 500m speed skating.Liu Jiayu won the silver medal in women’s halfpipe, China’s first winter Olympics medal in snowboarding history.Chang Xinyue became the first Chinese woman in ski jumping history to enter the Winter Olympics.In addition, Chinese bobsleigh and steel frame bobsleigh teams made their debut at the Winter Olympics.Jin Boyang won the fourth place in men’s single figure skating, the best performance in the history of Chinese men’s single figure skating at the Winter Olympics.The successful hosting of the Winter Olympics has raised the international visibility of Pyeongchang, bringing it rich tourism and transportation resources.After the Winter Olympics, Pyeongchang also hosted the Korean Amateur snowboarding Competition and other events, making it a very popular winter resort.Meanwhile, thanks to large-scale infrastructure renovation and construction of high-speed railways and expressways ahead of the Games, the local economy has seen a significant boost.(Compiled by Our reporter Yang Yifu)