11 people treated 12,600 people, and their relay burnished the “golden brand” of two generations of Chinese doctors.

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Since 1994, Jiading has sent a total of 50 medical teams to Morocco.On February 2 last year, the fifth medical team from Jiading District Health Commission set out for medical assistance for two years.This is a by the district central hospital, 11 district maternity and child care, nanxiang hospital hospital doctors, a medical team, over the past year, the players to overcome in the gobi desert, medicines, such as language difficulties, with good technology and hard-working attitude, successful 12600 clinical patients, to carry out more than 4300 sets of various kinds of surgery,Set up a good image of China’s foreign aid medical team.”After RETURNING to China, I often think of their eyes for help.”Jiang Quanming, 54, is the leader of the medical team, which is his second trip to Morocco after spending more than two years in the country from 2014 to 2016.Hospital Jiang Quanming tells a reporter, he works in the Sahara desert, due to the lack of medical resources, traffic inconvenience, sometimes patients with common diseases can be dragged to the dying just to see the doctor, “such as the local most appendicitis patients often hurt four or five days, just to see the doctor after perforation, serious and even symptoms such as abdominal rotting and septic shock,It made our operation much more difficult.”Six months ago, Jiang treated a 107-year-old patient.The examination found that there was a huge abscess in the old man’s liver, accompanied by peritoneal effusion, diagnosed as a huge liver abscess combined with peritonitis.Jiang Quanming and Jiading aid mo doctor Gao Yuping and Moroccan doctors together after consultation, immediately for the development of surgical treatment plan.Finally, under the tacit cooperation of the two sides, the operation successfully removed the huge liver abscess with a diameter of 20 cm, and the old woman recovered after a week in hospital and was discharged.”Thank you Chinese doctors for saving my life.”Before leaving, the old man and his family took The hand of Jiang Quanming and Gao Yuping and said emotionally.Lei Hui: “I feel relieved to see that Chinese doctors delivered my first few children.”In the delivery room of the hospital, 48-year-old Aisha thanked Lei Hui, a doctor from jiading District Maternal and Child Health Hospital, for helping motorcycles.Aisha had already given birth to nine children, and jiading delivered her eighth child.Knowing that Dr. Jiading had come again, Aisha said she was “very relieved”.Sure enough, Aisha gave birth to a baby boy weighing 7.2kg.Lei hui told reporters that due to the local conditions and lack of maternity inspection, there is a high proportion of critically ill pregnant women in the area, and obstructed labor is more likely to occur during childbirth.”What impressed me most was that one of the women was in shock and confused.When she was rescued, a third of her placenta was separated from the uterus, and the fetus had no heartbeat and a large amount of fluid in the uterine cavity.We managed to save her uterus by giving her blood and surgery.”Lei Hui said.Since 1975, China has sent medical teams to Support Morocco every year, almost two generations of adherence, so that Chinese doctors have become a “golden signature” of the local.On their way to the Sahara Desert, a medical team from Jiading to Morocco passed by a cafe. When the boss learned that they were Chinese doctors, he immediately called his mother, wife and three children to thank them.It turned out that when the boss’s mother gave birth more than 30 years ago, it was a Caesarean section performed by Chinese doctors. The boss himself was dying of liver cystic disease more than 10 years ago, and it was also a Chinese doctor who performed the operation for him.Later, his wife gave birth and Was delivered by Chinese doctors.”We jiading doctors have assisted motorcycle racing for 28 years, I saw the recruitment notice the first time to sign up, is to continue to polish this’ golden sign ‘.”LeiHui said.Zhang Deyu: The patient’s affirmation is the biggest praise to me. Zhang Deyu, deputy director of ophthalmology of Jiading District Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is also the second time to participate in the aid of motorcycle surgery.”I will always remember the tragic number of cataract patients there who developed glaucoma and lost their sight because they were not treated in time.So I went again.”Zhang deyu said he would do everything he could to help them.Zhang deyu’s counterpart is Laxidia Eye Hospital.Located in the mountains of eastern Morocco bordering the Sahara Desert, La Sassidia is a typical desert gobi region.Due to the high terrain, dry climate, strong sunlight and lack of water resources, the incidence of eye diseases in the local people is extremely high, especially cataracts, dacryocystitis, pterygium and other diseases.The operation of eye surgery is very fine, and there are more than ten cataract superlactation operations every day, which is no small pressure for ophthalmologists.Zhang deyu stood on the operating table without an assistant and had to do it all by himself.In order to complete the operation quickly and well, he never carries a mobile phone into the operating room, and dare not drink too much water, just to spare time to save patients.”Doctor, when will I see again?”Zhang Deyu once met a 56-year-old Moroccan woman who lost her eyesight due to cataracts in both eyes and could not take care of herself for two years.In order to improve the quality of life of patients, surgery is the only option, but for patients with deep eye socket, small eyeball and shallow anterior chamber, surgery is difficult and risky.After careful consideration, Zhang performed phacoemulsification for the cataract, successfully performing minimally invasive surgery through an incision just 2.8 millimeters long, and implanted an artificial lens to restore her sight.Zhang also carried out new projects such as trabeculectomy for glaucoma, combined glaucoma cataract surgery and dacryocystorhinostomy in the local area, using new technologies to relieve the pain of local patients.”In the past year, I handled more than 5,000 outpatient and emergency patients, admitted and treated more than 1,000 inpatients of various kinds, and presided over nearly 1,000 kinds of eye surgeries, of which about 90% were grade IV surgeries with high difficulty.Zhang deyu said that a simple thanks from the patient, a smile from the heart and a kiss on the hand are the best praise for themselves.Original title: “11 People saved 12,600 Person-times, Their relay burnished the” golden signature “of two generations of Chinese doctors”