Kalulu: I want to stay at Milan and achieve something

2022-04-28 0 By

AC Milan youngster Salomon Kalulu has told Eurosport that he feels good at milan and wants to stay at the club and achieve something.Talking about always being ready for the team AFTER missing a few games, I have played a lot of games since January.But that’s football and I’ll always be ready.When you play for a club like Milan, you have to keep feeling like a starter.When you’re called out on the pitch, you have to be ready to play.I think everyone feels the same way, including myself.Speaking about my role with the Rossoneri the truth is that my preference changes with the game, with the team, with the opponent, it all depends on how the game is played.Everything could be different depending on how the game is presented and what is required of me.I have no preference, I was already very malleable during my training in Lyon.Speaking of rumours, we are used to it.It has been the same in every transfer window since I arrived at Milan, this time the rumours are about defenders and we have adapted to that.But when I see certain rumours, it gives me great pleasure, especially when they come from a legend [Maldini’s faith in Kalulu], which is a welcome thing.On the importance of Zlatan Ibrahimovic he has scored a lot of goals this season and he is still very important in the dressing room and on the pitch.It can be said that we owe much to him that we are on the right path today.Now it’s up to us to prove that we understand what he’s trying to say, and when he comes back, we’ll be stronger.As for whether Menion has been the best goalkeeper in Serie A this season for the first half of the season, the answer is yes.He saved the team when we needed him, impressed me every day with his footwork and made an assist in the league.From the day he arrived, Menion acted like a leader, even though he didn’t speak any of the languages.He will not hesitate to express his views to guide our work.He is a player with a strong work ethic and when you see him you want to follow in his footsteps.He is a natural leader, both in action and in words.Besides, he has the experience of winning and knows what it takes to get ahead.When it comes to the French national team playing for azzurri it is a dream, we are talking about a world champion team with great players and if I get a call-up it means I have had a good season at Milan and it will be a tribute to my hard work.When you work at a club like this you prepare for moments like this and we work hard for them.When it comes to the title race everything can turn around quickly and we saw that in the Derby.Last season was positive, even very positive, but in the end we won nothing.Personally, I want to win something this year.Regarding the renewal of my contract with Milan I feel very good here and have adapted perfectly to the club.I speak Italian well and feel comfortable in my daily life.I want to achieve something for Milan, I want to stay with the team and there is no reason to want to leave here.