Overseas project builders’ “different” Spring Festival

2022-04-28 0 By

In the year of Yin tiger, when the Chinese people are celebrating the Spring Festival, the red lanterns and Spring Festival couplets in front of the station of the Highway project of China Railway Fourth Bureau are particularly eye-catching.”Happy New Year, family!I can’t go back for Spring Festival this year.We need to race against time to reach the open node on schedule.”Chen Zhong, a project manager in Ethiopia, made a video call to his family on New Year’s Eve.On the other side of the Ocean, however, there are many Chinese builders who give up their families and care for others. They are working hard at the construction sites of various overseas projects to promote the Belt and Road Initiative and welcome in the New Year with a different look.In order to make overseas employees enjoy the Spring Festival, the project department purchased a three-piece Spring Festival set, hung red lanterns, and pasted Spring Festival couplets and the Chinese character “fu”.”This year is the tenth Spring Festival I’ve spent overseas,”Project materials supervisor Wu Yuguang partners cooperated-builing railway projects since 2012 is on the hot piece of perennial in Ethiopia, everybody smile said he was an “old Ethiopia,” he very regrets ground say, “Spring Festival this year, the project department organization we make dumplings, basketball game, and lively bonfire party, we feel the full of festival atmosphere in different country.”It is reported that the Ethiopian Daye Highway project is located in Sidama State, with a total length of 65 kilometers, including 45 kilometers for the main line and 20 kilometers for the branch line. The total cost of the project is 329 million yuan, and the construction period is 3 years.The construction of the project started on December 29, 2020. After completion, it will connect the Ethiopian road network to Griga and Mogio, which is of great significance for improving local road traffic conditions, improving people’s livelihood and promoting social and economic development.