Xu Mengtao won the world champion FILA FILA took the gold medal

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Hone uncommon, achievement peak.Beijing, February 14, 2022 / PRNEWswire / — Xu Mengtao, Kong Fanyu and Shao Qi competed in the women’s freestyle skiing aerials qualification competition on February 14. Xu Mengtao and Kong Fanyu advanced to the final, while Shao Qi, a young talent born in 2000, failed to qualify.Finally, China’s Xu Mengtao won the gold medal in women’s aerials freestyle skiing at the Beijing Winter Olympics.It was the fifth gold medal for The Chinese delegation and the first time for A Chinese woman to win a gold medal in this event at the Winter Olympics.Xu Mengtao, China’s no. 1 aerialist, won her first gold medal in four Winter Olympics.When Xu Mengtao, dressed in eye-catching fashion FILA professional ski suit, stepped onto the top podium, we seemed to see the frustrated and painful Xu Mengtao again. We also saw the fearless xu Mengtao, who faced the competition and was not afraid of challenges.With a cry of excitement, Xu Mengtao achieved the personal career grand slam, as the winter Olympics “four dynasties veteran”, Xu Mengtao finally won the golden dream!Xu Mengtao once said on her social media platform, “IN the past 20 years, I have only done one thing — to persist out of love and to be firm because of my dream.”To the gold medal dream, she had experienced two leg ligament rupture, experienced four major surgery, but fate seems to be tough with the effort of the liaoning anshan girl joke, in the past 20 years, she has passed several times with the gold medal, even in her own doubts: condition not so good, if he really need to retire?In the past four years, always shadow of pyeongchang in Xu Mengtao mind, but in the face of the gold medal, in the face of glory and dream, she finally chose to remain, for a number of years behind the hone, let Xu Mengtao learned a strong heart, not long ago, the World Cup freestyle skiing skills competition air Canada leary ray standing crowned champions and excellent performance in team games site several days ago,Xu Mengtao witnessed the return of the king, the accumulation of time let her finally with confidence to the world to prove the best of their own.But in the face of many uncertainties in aerial skills competition, sometimes, do not shrink back, do not fear, is the real king of the road to dream.Of course, FILA professional ski equipment is just for such dreamers. With nearly half a century of accumulation, it has built the ultimate strength in the field of ice and snow, and created a legend of a world clothing brand escorted by science and technology.As early as half a century ago, FILA has set foot in the field of high-end ice and snow sports, working with winter sports pioneers to cultivate ice and snow culture genes.Reinhold Messner, the first mountaineer to climb Mount Everest without oxygen, and Ingemar Stenmark, a Swedish skier, have both written sporting moments while wearing FILA equipment.In 1981, SNOW TIME’s stunning introduction of ski gear marked the haute sportswear brand’s official foray into ski sports.In the years since, several skiers have competed in FILA suits and swept World Cup titles, their professionalism and Olympic spirit matching the FILA brand’s appeal.In China, FILA has been working with the Chinese freestyle aerials team for 8 years.In this year’s Olympic Games, the equipment of China’s freestyle skiing aerialist national team, sponsored by FILA, became the biggest highlight in the venue as soon as it appeared.Chinese red and FILA classic red, white and blue DNA color high-profile collision, from function, design to style, all contain FILA FILA’s ingenuity, Chinese athletes wearing elegant robes also become an eye-catching scenery on the snow and ice.The new equipment for the winter Olympics of this freestyle skiing aerials competition not only gathers Chinese elements and advanced aesthetics, but also writes in details, fully reflecting humanistic care and a sense of science and technology.FILA is very considerate for athletes in the details, and many adjustable designs are conducive to improving athletes’ performance.For example, the splicing design of elastics fabric under the armpit can fully provide athletes with natural, comfortable and free stretch wearing experience.In addition, the competition suit has a unique and detailed double-layer cuff design. The elastic woven cuff in the inner layer can more flexibly fit the wrist of the athlete. In snowy weather, gloves can be worn to insert the thumb into the ring, thus forming an integrated thermal barrier.FILA FILA volley ice technology professional ski equipment borrow the name of the games, FILA FILA transfer elegant fashion of ice and snow culture today, in the domestic sports brands have accelerated ice industry layout that has built one hundred FILA FILA has been a lot of ice and snow sports fans of classic brand symbol, in addition to the eight years,FILA continues to help the Chinese freestyle skiing aerials national team, FILA also connects the high-tech elements of the national team’s professional equipment with FILA Professional skiing series products without distinction, and brings the high altitude snow and ice technology of high-end skiing sports equipment to consumers without reservation.Let more consumers FILA FILA, also is the FILA FILA 110 focus on high-end sports field, will always stick to fashion, elegant sports spirit, the time chastened by FILA, focus born this will force and beauty, the elegant movement of each cut, each elaborate costume design, considering both professional sports demand,And consider the wonderful moment of the beautiful freeze frame.Not only by talent to harvest the hearts of consumers, but also by the level of appearance, become the current trend of ice and snow sports.Today, accompany Xu Mengtao volley and the moment of grace, we not only feel the gold MEDALS, the Olympic spirit and meaning, more let people feel the FILA again inheritance elegant sports spirit in one hundred, and the spirit, and combined with Chinese element symbols, coruscate gives another beautiful, FILA after one hundred years, enduring,With a professional and elegant posture to help Chinese athletes in the ice and snow competition, but also help 300 million Chinese ice and snow sports fans, to show themselves in the ice and snow, show the charming charm of elegant sports.