“Once upon a Time glazed tile” is about to end, the end of 3 people have been clear, there are 2 people are not sure

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“Once upon a Time glazed tile” is about to end.There is no doubt that this urban youth drama is not only good to watch, but also durable.After watching the drama for a period of time, the audience not only deepened their understanding of the work, study and life of the cultural relic restorers, but also recalled the childhood life like a fleeting river.Combining the existing plot with the original novel of the same name, the endings of three people are clear, and two people are uncertain.The end of zheng Su years as a glass hutong light, Zheng Su years would be very qualified.However, Zheng Sunian was not a natural student with excellent grades as we had imagined.As a matter of fact, Zheng Sunian’s academic performance was able to stay at the top of the grade all year round, because zheng Sunian worked hard enough.Just as the play explained that, Zheng Sunian weekdays are not dawn on the back of the words to get up.On the contrary, Shao Xue and Zhang Qi are some abnormal, although they are not high total score, but as long as they are good at the situation, others do not fundamentally catch them.Zheng Sunian’s ending is very bright, he successfully worshiping Luo Huaijin as a teacher, when his mother’s younger brother.If he had worked in a literary convent at a young age and was from an academy of fine arts, he would have become a master of ancient painting copying just like Na Ki-jin.Shao Xue is liuli hutong, in addition to Jinning aunt, English is the best existence.Because of the influence of Jinning aunt, Shao Xue yearned for his own grow up, one day to be able to study abroad.However, it is a pity that although she was successfully selected for the two-plus-one project, she did not make it in the end.Because she felt that The death of Jinning aunt had a great impact on Zheng Sunian, she wanted to accompany zheng Sunian, relieve his depression of body and mind.Finally, god pays off, Zheng Sunian’s situation gradually improved, the opportunity to study abroad again appeared in front of Shao Xue.It was obvious that Zheng sunian would not delay Shao Xue any longer, because he broke up with her.If it is expected well, his real intention should be to “force” Shao Xue to realize her dream.Zhang Qi is one of the luckiest people in Glazed tiles once upon a Time.First of all, he was a mischievous bad student, distracted in class, play games after class, in addition to play on weekdays or play.However, he met a good head teacher who recommended him to the competition class and then supervised his study, so that he was recommended to HkUST.Secondly, Zhang Qi’s family conditions are very good, others are using landline, he has a mobile phone, others have no computer, their home has put the old computer replacement.In the end, Zhang Qi’s outcome is even worse, although he failed to pursue Shao Xue, but the pursuit of the conditions better than Shao Xue elder brother psychology doctoral student Wei Mingxin.The ending of Wu Huan and Lin Shiyin is in the original novel Once upon a Time Glazed Tile. The protagonists are shao Xue, Zheng Sunian and Zhang Qi.Wu Huan and Lin Shiyin play version of the root is to gather together the plot and then add characters.So, the fate of the two characters will have to wait until the show officially ends.However, according to recent episodes, although Wu Huan and Lin Shiyin have become boyfriend and girlfriend, they will definitely break up once.Above all, wu Huan and Lin Shiyin are still inserted in the middle of a hidden when the Tang Ya, and this Tang Ya actually for Wu Huan and chose logistics major.Secondly, Lin Shiyin has been trying to hide Wu Huan is his boyfriend, do not want to let too many people know, visible from her bones, or not too identify Wu Huan.Above is the ending of “Glazed tile once upon a Time”, the ending of 3 people is clear, and the specific details of 2 people are uncertain.