Rolling!Gu Ailing won gold, this is the most strong point

2022-04-30 0 By

Gu Ailing scored 93.25 points in the first round of the freestyle skiing women’s halfpipe final at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on Monday morning. Gu Ailing scored 95.25 points in the second round and sealed the gold medal ahead of time.In freestyle skiing u-shaped ground the 18-year-old girl is a real king – she is still at the end of the season is the newly crowned world champions swept all four stand she had joined the World Cup gold medal in Beijing Olympics to the new gold MEDALS in undoubtedly GuAiLing interpretation of what is called “absolute power” the Olympics are GuAiLing had already won the big platform on February 8, the gold medal in the February 15Win silver medal in slopestyle today congratulations gu Ailing!!Source: China News Service