Coat brother’s son used to celebrate his wife’s birthday, hugging the earth moving in public, now turned into enemies

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A person is walking farther and farther, but a person still stops in the same place, so the distance becomes larger and larger, and the conflict arises.Many loving husband and wife, from the original sweet, went to now become enemies.And today this pair, the woman is with father-in-law challenge.Can look back once upon a variety of, but also really love each other!Coat brother’s son used to celebrate his wife’s birthday, hugging the earth moving in public, now turned into enemies.”Le cold knowledge” warm tips ha: more closed eyes, more exercise, more sweet smile, drink more water, more rest, remember more winter smile and exercise oh!”This article is about 1044 words and takes about 44 seconds to read!”The number of words is only estimated, one tone of the people who read!Coat Brother became famous for wearing an old green coat and singing on the Walk of Fame.In addition, he has always been a simple farmer, so he was loved by fans.However, originally calm family, but because the son married Chen Yanan this daughter-in-law, and become upside down.Let’s see how sweet they used to be.Brother Overcoat’s son, named Zhu Xiaowei.When he celebrated his wife’s birthday, it was an earth-moving celebration that touched many people.It can be seen from the picture that Xiao Wei prepared a pink stage, full of romantic atmosphere.It also has a sweet wedding photo of the couple hanging in the background.Happy cold knowledge: coat elder brother son used to celebrate his wife’s birthday, in public embrace moving heaven and earth, now turn face into enemies!~ Xiao Wei also took into account his wife’s professional “net red” attribute, specially arranged such small details as “fan appreciation meeting”, making the romantic atmosphere increased a few minutes.When Chen saw the gift, her face turned red and she called her husband “dear” and thanked him repeatedly.The two also embraced in front of the camera.This once love show, warm and natural, just like a couple of young love.But only in the past half a year more time, has now turned into enemies.First, Chen yanan live criticized her husband for being uneducated and incompetent, but later, although a handwritten apology letter, but directly moved back to her husband’s home.After again, Chen Yanan was discovered to have opened culture company, signed a contract with many net red, star.Chen Yanan passes marry coat elder brother son, ability obtained the result now, also begin refute coat elder brother rises however.Said coat elder brother business show a 200,000, but only reported a few thousand, tax paid a lot less.Of course, this is only her side of the story.~ Coat elder brother’s son used to celebrate his wife’s birthday, in public embrace moving heaven and earth, now turned into enemies ~~ happy cold knowledge from the coat elder brother’s son and daughter-in-law, once a variety of can see, son Zhu Xiaowei has been really love Chen Yanan.However, after marriage, Chen Yanan not only became a top streaming network celebrity, but also opened a cultural company with assets of more than 100 million, creating their own stars and network celebrities.In this way, the gap between the two came out.After all, not everyone is cut out to be a star.So, after Chen Yanan explods red, the contradiction between oneself and husband appears increasingly.No wonder Wu Jing said, “Girls, not recommended to enter the entertainment industry!”Brother overcoat and daughter-in-law farce, for several months has not stopped, in the end how the outcome will be, we wait and see.I just wish people who used to love each other could show each other some face….What do you think about this?Ladies and sisters are welcome to discuss, leave comments, hot discussion and exchange in the comment section.*7 more * Midnight inspiration, 33 to 45 hours to create, remember to click a like ha!It’s not easy to create!This essay by 2 love to laugh, 3 love to cry, 4 love to make, like to give their own play “happy cold knowledge” original ha.135line ^ writer ^, hoping to get 3656 likes.* Star * life, experience, daily, story, found 1 knowledge, 2 love, 3 beauty.Part of the content is only for fans to watch, praise, appreciate, appreciate.If you can forward, favorites, “follow”, comment, etc…Maybe even better next time, woof woof!In short, the cha-cha cha-cha!