Japan is in danger!After Chechnya’s retaliatory actions, Putin’s momentous decision sent shockwaves around the world

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Japan and Russia have a long-standing dispute over the south Kuril Islands, which were annexed to the Former Soviet Union after The second World War. Today, Russia has inherited the former Soviet Union’s legal rights, and the South Kuril Islands are also Russia’s inherent territory.Recently, the issue of the South Kuril Islands has been mentioned by Russia again. Influenced by Japan’s repeated participation in sanctions against Russia, Russia has become more assertive on the ownership of the South Kuril Islands.Ramzan Kadyrov, the leader of The Russian republic of Chechnya, mocked Japan’s sanctions on him and lamented that Japan, a country with a long history, had suddenly bowed to Europe in a post on social media, huanqiu.com reported.Mr Kadyrov joked that, as well as being banned from financial activities, he would probably be banned from “watching anime and cherry blossoms”.Later, in response to Japan’s sanctions, Kadyrov said Japanese leaders would not set foot in Chechnya.There are, however, two exceptions: the psychiatric hospital in the village of Bragoni and the psychiatric hospital in the village of Samashki.In addition, all property and bank accounts of those sanctioned will be confiscated and sold, and funds will be transferred to the Kuril Islands development Foundation.Some of Japan’s decisions are usually made by the United States, and it is not surprising that Japan, as a “subsidiary” of the United States, has spared no effort to impose sanctions on Russia when the United States has actively called on its Allies to join in.The Chechen leader mocked Japan’s lack of backbone, but also threw the kuril Islands out again. Japan has always been bitter about the sovereignty of the Southern Kuril Islands. On the one hand, it does not want to break with Russia completely, on the other hand, it does not want to give up the northern territories.According to huanqiu news, Russian President Vladimir Putin recently signed an amendment to the tax law, announcing the creation of a duty-free special zone in the South Kuril Islands, a territory disputed by Japan and Russia, providing duty-free benefits for 20 years.Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Hiroichi Matano said the Japanese government expressed “regret” and reiterated its position to the Russian side.Some Japanese media also said that japan-Russia relations are getting worse.The Sankei Shimbun reported that the Japanese government has recently changed the expression used to describe the “northern Territory” to “inherent territory,” which the Shinzo Abe administration had avoided.The report also said that Japan has returned to a principled position as negotiations for a peace treaty with Russia have become difficult to advance.As a defeated country in The Second World War, Japan has always been sensitive on the territorial ownership issue, and Japan and Russia have always been mutually unyielding on the ownership of the Southern Kuril Islands.In order not to conflict directly with Russia, Japan has been using a more euphemistic way to declare the sovereignty of the northern territories, as Japan has recently increased the intensity of sanctions against Russia, Russia has said that its national interests are harmed.After Putin signs the new law, Russia will have to pay more attention to the Southern Kuril Islands, and Japan will have to confront Russia again in order to divide the northern territories.Part of the news reference source: huanqiu net