Sexual relations, 1 impression, 2 communication, 3 understanding, 4 talk, 5 marriage

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The relationship between men and women, everyone’s road to love, develops in two ways.In these two ways, basically have experienced the five development process, the first three through, love will be successful for the most part.1, impression, whether it is free love or others, impression is certainly the first, impression determines whether two people have the desire to go on communication, that is why people in the meeting, try to put themselves together delicate and beautiful, in order to let each other on their senses.Free love is also, the other side must have a good impression on her in some way, she readily and the other side to enhance feelings, a total love.2, communication, two personal impression is good, can communicate with each other, communication is the groundwork for future development, is also a simple understanding of the process, must pay attention to the communication way, don’t come up to all know each other, and know each other for their own points of view, this may cause the other party, at first, the good impression to ruin.3, understand the above two points have no questions, got to get to know each other, the process of this process is indispensable, only two people understand each other, to know that is not suitable for two people together, is to continue and make a decision to choose, this process is also a basic establishment process of emotions, two people even if conditions are right, if there is no feeling to wipe out the spark of love,Feelings can not be cultivated, reluctantly together, the relationship will not be comfortable.4, talk about the above three points can smoothly pass, naturally like falling in love stage, some people feel that everything is OK now, but to understand, the deeper the feelings, the greater the contradictions may be, often love to break up, is too care about this feeling, mentality produced deviation caused.Love is the cornerstone of two people’s happiness, love can dissolve two people a lot of estrangement, love can let two people have tolerance, love can let two people willing to work together for life.5, the last is married, married people basically to talk about marriage when there will be no surprise that real tell you, most will be perfect, but the individual will also fail to the mark, handle affairs will occupy, some because two people or two because doesn’t talk properly, make more efforts in vain, and finally collapsed.Finally, I hope this article can help you. I wish you all a complete love and a happy family. Welcome your attention and comments