Winter Olympics with fire “skiing insurance” is selected by ant insurance “golden choice”, can guarantee skiing and other 27 kinds of high-risk sports

2022-05-03 0 By

This year is a great year for sports in China. The Winter Olympic Games and Asian Games are both held in China.In order to promote the development of snow sports and support the national fitness program, Zhongan Insurance recently launched the “No Worries about sports accidents insurance”, providing protection for 27 high-risk sports, including skiing and mountaineering.It is understood that this product with strong comprehensive competitiveness has been selected ant protection “gold selection”.With the preparation and holding of the Winter Olympic Games, “300 million people participate in ice and snow sports” has become a reality, ski venues around the surge in visitors, ice and snow sports are leading the fashion trend.However, experts warn that the incidence of injuries in snow and ice sports is high, and “orthopedics is at the end of the ski trail” has become a hot topic among the public, so users’ demand for accident protection in snow and ice sports grows rapidly.Data from Ant Insurance, an insurance agency owned by Ant Group, showed that in January-February, the number of insurance policies on the platform for accident insurance, which includes high-risk sports such as skiing, rose 20 percent month-on-month.According to the introduction, in order to help the whole people participate in ice and snow sports, “sports accident without risk” especially for ice and snow sports to bring protection, protect alpine skiing, snowboarding, sled, ice skating, ice hockey, curling and other sports accidents.In addition to accidental injury, medical expenses, sudden death, ambulance expenses, there is special insurance for accidental fracture.In addition, “Sports accident without worry insurance” can also protect users in running, fitness, football, swimming, mountaineering, surfing, diving and other daily sports and outdoor high-risk sports may occur in the accident injury, fill the traditional accident insurance is difficult to protect the shortage of high-risk sports.The product is divided into three plans according to the insurance amount, the lowest insurance cost is only 5 yuan, the highest insurance up to 500,000 yuan, including accident medical compensation up to 15,000 yuan, the protection period of 7 days to 180 days, consumers can choose according to their own travel plan.It is understood that the product has been selected ant protection “gold selection”.Qi Hui, product manager of the digital life division of Zhongan Insurance, said that the sports accident insurance is tailored to the needs of users in high-risk sports scenarios, providing exclusive protection for sports enthusiasts from the age of 3 to 65.Xin Wen source: Purple Cow News