Annual fifth | during the Spring Festival, longling police those warm heart

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The lunar New Year holiday happened around us the warm heart of a lot of day, though a cold Heart is particularly warm every seemingly ordinary moments full of warm heart the healing power of longling police do good for the populace, with their own practice of “the heart of the people” beginner’s mind mission in the New Year approaching, 01 wood city police border police station with the new spring caffeine arts to wood in urban and rural areas, the nursing homeSend warm and New Year wishes to the elderly.During the period, the mucheng border police station sent rice, fruit, cooking oil, milk, coats and other comfort goods to the old people in the mucheng nursing home, and sent greetings and good wishes for the old people in the New Year.The police talked with the old people kindly, asked the old people’s living conditions and physical health in detail, and told the nursing home staff must take good care of the old people’s body and daily life.When they left, Uncle Wang held the hand of the instructor Wen Ling for a long time and said with deep feeling, “Thank you for coming to see me every holiday, talking with me, making me happy and making me feel the warmth of home.”021 30 0:00, Longling County public Security Bureau traffic police brigade city squadron on duty group police patrol found a man lying on the side of the road, the police immediately stepped forward to check the situation, found the man drunk, incoherent, unable to stand.Considering the cold weather, the police had to take the first help to the traffic police brigade guard room, after a few words, learned that the drunk man named Yang mou, Longquan longxin township, at noon to Longling procurement of New Year goods, alone bought a bottle of liquor to drink, went to the flower bridge when the wine strength, unable to move forward, fell to rest.After further verification and learning of Yang’s specific home address, the police drove more than 20 kilometers to his family to take care of him. The family members repeatedly expressed their gratitude to the police for helping the drunken man late at night.032 on 1 0 xu, Li mou and friends to longling county zhen an town other new village KTV singing, drunk on huang Mou parked on the roadside of the small car hit, causing vehicle damage, February 1 morning police station organized parties to mediate.Through mediation, both parties reached an agreement voluntarily, mutual understanding and compromise, shake hands and make peace;Both sides said that there would be no other conflicts and disputes over this matter in the future, and there have been no economic disputes between the two sides since then.Mediation after the end of Li mou said that are drunk after the impulse caused by disaster, their future must be taken as a mirror, control their temper, no longer such incidents.042 Jan. 22 about 50 points, meng waxy police station for police patrols, in the crowd waved to the police car, get off immediately to see, found drunk personnel zhang so-and-so lying beside the four forks in the road vehicle, police to wake up, immediately ask learned that zhang so-and-so is from town, like with friends to meng waxy town, with wine drink many don’t know his friend go to which,After further inquiry that Zhang has friends in Mengnuo, after the police call to tell their friends to pick up Zhang home.052 on March 3, longjiang police station police wang Burma and Wang hu father and son family dispute mediation.It is understood that Wang mou tiger and his wife divorce, the father wang Mou Myanmar does not want to let the two sides divorce, for fear of affecting grandchildren, father and son dispute.After the police and both sides talk, explain the knowledge of laws and regulations, both sides realize the mistake.At 14:30 on the same day, the police joint township functional departments, village cadres in shanglong village committee again for mediation.After the work, both sides said that the future will be harmonious, as for the divorce matters, will carefully consider.Audited: Yang Haifeng, Edited by: Yang Yuxian, edited by: Shi Zuqing