What is the meaning of suspension of new shares listed

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New shares listed suspension refers to the rise and fall of the stock triggered by the suspension mechanism of the stock suspension.1. Suspension of new shares is the temporary suspension of new shares, new shares listed stocks abnormal fluctuations, the stock exchange can implement temporary suspension of intraday.In simple terms, the suspension can be understood as the suspension of trading of shares, which cannot be traded during the trading day.However, there is a time limit for the suspension, and the company applying for the suspension needs to present a reasonable reason and submit it to the exchange for approval.After suspension, as long as the listed company fully, accurately and completely discloses the information that may have a great impact on the trading price of the company’s shares and their derivatives, the company’s shares and their derivatives can resume trading.Sometimes too much change is not a good thing.2. New share refers to the shares that have just been issued and are in normal operation.The opening price of new shares is lower, generally in the below 50%, Shanghai market each subscription unit is 1000 shares, Shenzhen market subscription unit is 500 shares, in addition to the securities account prescribed by the regulations, each securities account can only subscription once.The possibility of new too much, but also relatively strange existence.3. New shares subscription need to pay attention to the Provisions of the Shanghai Stock Exchange for each subscription unit is 1000 shares, the number of subscription shall not be less than 1000 shares, more than 1000 shares must be an integer multiple of 1000 shares, but the maximum shall not exceed when the number of online public shares issued 1/1000 or 99.999 million shares.Shenzhen stock Market stipulates that the subscription unit shall be 500 shares, and each securities account shall subscribe no less than 500 shares, and the number exceeding 500 shares shall be an integer multiple of 500 shares, but shall not exceed 1/1000 of the number of online pricing issues, and shall not exceed 999,999,500 shares.There are rules for everything, and breaking them is trouble for us.