Bo luoni | nine cabinet design, which model you like most?

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Of the kitchen decorate a design, it is the place that spends idea most in a new home forever.People is customized to ambry no longer satisfied with basic function, hope will design personalized space according to different function configuration however.Whether you’re a home chef who loves to cook and studies different dishes;Or is the cooking of the culinary xiao Bai, the kitchen is the home of three meals a day base camp.The kitchen space of sweet atmosphere, it is master life savours reflect.Wujiang Exhibition Hall covers an area of 380 square meters, with modern minimalist, light luxury style.A total of 9 sets of products are displayed in the cabinet area, which can meet the customized needs of different people.Como Como/// positioning: Image model highlights: rock plate, enjoy grade wood veneer, metal paint, print as a store display image model, Como cabinet uses high-end materials, so as to enhance brand positioning.Rock slab with metallic paint, plus plenty of Bernian glass doors and smart lighting, form a multi-level visual effect.The application of folding pattern, in the overlap and line connection, instantly produces a sense of distant and deep space and a sense of shuttle.In such patterns, our imagination and vision grow exponentially, and the future of human life becomes more and more clear.Pattern printing adopts the unique high-tech material processing technology in the industry to meet customers’ high quality requirements for life scenes.The practical Between system makes reasonable and efficient use of the space under the hanging cabinet, making it easy to pick up utensils and cook with ease. The storage space is increased by 30%, making the cabinet integrate storage and decoration.Between receiving wall, can be filled with metope for decoration, also can be used as storage shelf, put articles at a glance, convenient to take at any time, can be based on personal taste follow the number of layers.The folding pattern is intended to hide the huge complexity and make the front end enjoy unprecedented convenience. The practicality of folding is a reverse engineering of high dimension and low dimension.”Folding” is the law behind the exponential development of civilization. The more complex properties are folded, the more time, space and resources can be set aside to complete tasks and solve problems infinitely, bringing the distance to the future infinitely closer.Como cabinets can meet the specific needs of everyday kitchen work. They are simple, smart and elegant systems that are very useful for keeping drawer interiors clean.Above all, its use is convenient, undertake to the space reasonable break up, the drawer that lets you no longer is disorderly, look for thing more convenient, suit to place knife and fork, chopsticks, spoon, shovel, colander, rolling pin, bottle opener, peeler, keep the relatively cabinet article such as film, be clear at a glance and convenient take.Secondly, it can well reduce noise, drawer pulling process, knives and forks chopsticks will not be scrambled to roll.Its unique Panda storage series is also worth mentioning. It is made of natural bamboo, which is environmentally friendly and durable. Bamboo does not accumulate dust and dew, and is easy to clean.Unique bamboo and stainless steel interior drawer elements and glass fittings optimize the use of space and blend perfectly with the drawer.Another obsidian black storage series for sub-black Combert material, with excellent fire resistance, self cleaning, compact material will not adhere to dust, simple cleaning, no impact on the color.Internal but collocation walnut wood qualitative knife rest, case of plastic film, chopsticks box wait for fittings, black tie-in walnut all show advanced feeling.Intelligent lighting system can beautify the environment and create a warm and comfortable atmosphere.The use of light color, projection and different brightness can create a three-dimensional level, give a person a sense of artistic appreciation.Here can also undertake flexible dimming, undertake personalized lamplight setting at will, adjust cold and warm with light and shade.At the same time, it can also realize voice control of the lighting state, so that no matter where you are, the lighting in your home can be controlled at will.Dark grain metal paint, the formation of light luxury Italian style.Italy ICA original imported innovative waterborne two-component paint, products through strict testing and verification, to create and ecological compatible products, committed to the integration of beauty and efficiency, to protect the user’s living and using health.Colorful colors and natural texture have been recognized by the world’s top brands and have been widely used in the new products in 2020. Colorful has been launched with bronze, olive and elegant grey.Texture to straight grain, cross grain, lattice – based.The product has simple sense very much, in the process of drawing, can make the metal surface to generate a kind of skin film layer that contains this metal composition, clearly show each fine silk mark, so that the metal matt in the spread of fine hair luster.At the same time, it has the function of beauty and anti-erosion, simple and generous, reducing unnecessary decorative lines, thus increasing the overall sense of openness, bright, clean, with a typical metal fashion sense, practical strong.Bergamo Bergamo / / / positioning: image style window: characteristics of nano polymer, round-table Bergamo application materials innovation, using the electron beam curing process for hardening and fixed “a new generation of acrylic resin material”, and combining with multilayer coatings and nanotechnology, ultra fog characteristics, create a senior inferior smooth texture, with a minimalist design, diversified usage scenarios.Circular design also reflected the idea of the home, let ambry become the center of the home, reflecting Chinese traditional culture at the same time.The circular bar counter rises slightly above the cabinet counter, adding layers to the space.Italian classic design, nano cinnabar from the palace of red wind – India, the night in the “moon palace” stars, moonlight woven, the “pink city”, as beautiful as a girl, noble and gorgeous.When science and technology continue to uncover the mystery of Mars, Boloni with forward-looking design, the deep sense of the universe into the kitchen fireworks, Mars cabinet to a new perspective to interpret the future life.L-shaped island + table design, so that the whole environment is not lonely.Not only cooking dinner, social, games, parent-child, work, husband and wife rest, any need to do at home, can be achieved here.”Chef” is never alone when cooking. Families can also sit around the table to chat and interact, forming a kitchen accompanied by laughter.Mars cabinet space freely extends, immediate dialogue with the future.New PET material, 5 series of 16 colors optional, super stain resistance, beautiful and easy to daily care, oil stains and wet stains stay for 48 hours, just a wet cloth wipe that is clean;Around the laser edge sealing is also known as six non-trace edge sealing, no edge sealing traces, no glue line, perfect edge sealing.Como + New English ⅱ /// Positioning: Kingpin highlights: new door type, rich color new Pandora aluminum box, table light Bologni provides paint optional color has more than 40 kinds, color schemes are from the Italian national treasure master Lino Ketato and Riparini design.The colour of Boloni leads international popular colour tide all the time, make the extraordinary home that connects with fashionable bound for consumer.Light baking paint has a mirror like effect, some passionate vision, some elegant deep;Matt paint touch is very soft, rich texture.The new Pandora aluminum wire box has a variety of aluminum colors, such as cinnabar red, ink grey green, mica grey, copper wire drawing, chocolate./// Positioning: The main push model highlights: No handle design with modern minimalist line and surface perfect combination, effectively divided the space, reasonable space partition, cabinet and table island open design, will receive queen Kondo Noriko time, space, the world of the three theory applied to the extreme.Melbourne as boloni’s most mainstream star, no handle design is the model of milan design in recent years.Brazil/// Positioning: main model highlights: Glass door panel Basilea/// positioning: main model highlights:Door model the design is to create a unique style of eat hutch space, to achieve the balance between aesthetics and function, and the collocation of color and exquisite craft of international popular wood veneer door plank, the hope presents the design of the extension of concept is the perfect home atmosphere, create a consistency of space aesthetics, for the users to complete show special taste and experience.Details are also delicately handled, such as display cabinets, chocolate frame, with lighting, presenting an elegant and luxurious feeling.Aluminum frame glass door collocation lamp inside cabinet shows fashionable breath without reservation, the whole space is false and real union.It is composed of chocolate color narrow edge aluminum and toughened glass core plate, which is gray transparent glass 5, and the thickness of the door plate is 25mm;Heaven and earth damping hinge, door opening Angle 105°.The laminate is matched with 8A super white tempered glass laminate +LED glass laminate lamp A900 warm color B, the overall effect is more transparent, creating the effect of atmospheric lighting.In 2000, Boloni proposed the concept of “Livein the Kitchen”, which makes the kitchen become a multi-functional space that can be continuously extended and filled with various possibilities.The design without handle stands out among many designs with the same sense of form.Under the premise of realizing no handle design, Bologni changes the traditional door panel modeling habit;The same set of cabinet door plate milling type is different, continuous to form asymmetric milling type handle design, combined with Melbourne aluminum wire box, to achieve the door opening demand.Brano/// Positioning: Highlights of the main push model: narrow frame design door thin narrow edge, overall give a minimalist feeling, to simplify, elaborate design;Concise, mixed the feminine’s delicate and elegant.This space can also be connected with intelligent voice system and intelligent lighting, lighting can switch freely according to different kitchen atmosphere and situation, Xiaobo housekeeper can control the opening of the door panel of the hanging cabinet, to realize the real “living in the kitchen”.