Baoding Laiyuan: 100% electronic bidding stimulates market vitality

2022-05-08 0 By

In recent years, laiyuan County Public Resources Trading Center has carried out bidding and tendering in the form of network handling, greatly improving the satisfaction of the enterprise.Recently, laiyuan County Wang ‘an Town reconstruction area replacement of air source equipment and power distribution project adopts the government procurement of electronic public bidding, the four bidding enterprises do not have to go to the site to register, bid opening, submit paper bidding documents, directly in the local online login “do not meet the bid opening hall”,Through online submission of bidding documents, online sign-in, online decryption, online bid opening, online confirmation of bid opening records, the remote bidding was completed in a few minutes.Through the online evaluation of the expert judges, when the result of the evaluation of the bid, the bidding was completed.It is understood that layuan County in 2021, government procurement, project bidding, property rights transactions, land bidding and other annual bidding and bidding transactions project 225;In 2022, all 11 tendering and bidding transactions have been conducted electronically, with the rate of 100%, truly realizing “more data and less errands for enterprises”, greatly reducing transaction costs, improving the fairness of tendering and bidding, eliminating artificial factors, and stimulating the activity of the public resources trading market.