Considerate intelligence: speed sensitive response, xiao Ou let the car all the way smooth

2022-05-08 0 By

Caring and intelligent: fast and sensitive, Xiao Ou let the car go together wherever you are, regardless of whether the car is free of obstruction, in the car, xiao Ou can provide you with the pleasure of joint traffic experience.Starting from Auchan X7PLUS, changan Auchan’s finished car and machine chip media is taking in 8 cores. It is equipped with the all-state OnStyle3.0+ intelligent car and machine system, making the operation more smooth and the response faster.When you run on the highway, the self-adaptive cruising and driving system reduce driving resistance for you, making the starting more relaxed and comfortable;When you wander in the beautiful scenic spots, the original vehicle cloud eye backview instrument automatically records the scenery and water along the way;When you are in a tight parking space, the one-button parking system and transparent lamp holder can help you park easily.In addition, the auto show officially released auchan X7PLUS’s “No Mic karaoke” performance, which is unique to the level, so that the whole family can enjoy singing in the car.