What configuration does the Audi A7 of more than 600 000 choose compare cost-effective?What kind of price does not calculate buy deficit

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Can SAIC Audi A7L of 700 thousand be bought?Today, let’s talk about buying two of his three.Audi 3.0T EA839 engine, as long as you talk about A7, there will be some people say that unfortunately there is no 3.0T without four-wheel drive, and SAIC Audi with A7L this model to make up for the imported A7 without 3.0T, A6L3.0T model is difficult to buy the car regret.Second buy: personality and practical balance, the average age of BBA owners is less than 30 years old, young people first look at the level of appearance, and then decide whether to understand your soul, A7L has no frame door and through the rear taillight wheelbase and extended 98mm, personality and practical.Third purchase: Quattro four-wheel drive, A7L entry point is 2.0t high-power 45TFSI, except for the lowest models with four-wheel drive, while 5 Series and E-class four-wheel drive models are too few, what is stolen is their prospective owners, A6L is at most a friendly fire.Next say two don’t buy: the first don’t buy, for the appearance level, would rather buy a 2.0T A7 will not consider 3.0T A7L, not A7L is not good-looking, but the import OF A7 is too good-looking, let alone now A7L two 4S shops are not, the first 7500 kilometers are going to a Car Audi, you encounter A7 owners, can you stand it?Second do not buy: choose car tangle can go to see the annual model selection, cars, SUVs, performance cars, new energy have reference, and A7L uses online 0 discount sales model, should not be maintained for long, the subsequent price is bound to drop, what do you say?Pay attention to Teacher Zhao, listen to more models of three buy two do not buy!