Year of the Tiger marketing, all rely on the cat

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The year of the Tiger in the Chinese lunar calendar has brought the cat’s feline relatives back to the fore with a joke.”How to raise the birth rate of the post-1995 generation?”We will declare that the year 2022 is not the year of the tiger, but the year of the cat. Only children born this year can be a cat, and the head of a cat can be printed on their ID cards.”Regardless of whether this idea is outrageous, the joke hand can come up with such an idea, to a certain extent, the cat does have the property of “traffic password” at present.Remember McDonald’s “burger box cat nest” where 100,000 copies were sold short as soon as they went online a little over a month ago?Even in the Spring Festival holiday will play the leading role of the tiger, but also to “rub” the flow of close relatives of cats.Some brands of tiger marketing, really let a person “difficult to distinguish between cats and tigers.”Let’s take a look at the photos below. Are they tigers or oranges?Top left: Fauvism introduced the Year of the Tiger mat;Top right: Fauvism’s Year of the Tiger installation in Shanghai’s Anfu Road store bottom left: Starbucks Year of the Tiger Star Cup;Bottom right: At the end of the New Year’s short film of Weekend Maxmara, a new snack brand for early spring 2022, in cooperation with “Hello, Teacher, MY Name is He”, the owner of Digital UP, a cat in a tiger’s skin appears on the right side of the picture. On the left side is baicao’s New Year gift box products promoted during the Spring Festival.This kind of direct let the cat put on tiger clothes, it is the “cat fake tiger power”.In addition to copying the tiger, some internet-savvy cat-seeking brands use the tiger’s disciplinary name “Big Cat” to refer to the tiger as a cat in copywriting.For example, Loro Piana, an Italian luxury brand, posted an advertisement for its “Year of the Tiger” series on wechat with the caption “Here comes the big cat”.The Chinese zodiac has always been an important element of Chinese New Year marketing, but it is the first time that cats have been used in such a batch.In the year of the Tiger 12 years ago, the topic on the Internet was the reunion of the Little Tigers during the Spring Festival Gala, and newspapers at that time discussed the rise of cat ownership as a hot news topic.Today, the rise of the cat’s popularity needs no explanation.According to the white Paper on China’s pet Industry released in 2020, the number of cat owners in 2020 has exceeded 60 million, an increase of 1.74 million compared with 2019. The number of cats has surpassed dogs as the most kept pet, and young people born in the 1980s and 1990s are the main cat owners.In other words, cats have a very broad mass base among young people in first-tier and second-tier cities. If you want to capture the hearts of young people, you can send kittens first.Think of it this way: McDonald’s Cat nest, Starbucks Cat claw Cup, Tmall double 11 stack cat activities…A good example of marketing that really understands consumer psychology.In 2015, Katsuhiro Miyamoto, emeritus professor of theoretical economics at Kansai University in Japan, came up with the concept of “catonomics” — where businesses can benefit from using the right cats.Selling cat elements to gain direct profits around, which is one of the economic benefits of cats.This year these “copy a cat’s paw” marketing content, can be said to be the brand wants to play this kind of economic benefits.Louis, founder of creative visual integration agency “New Canning Factory”, analyzed to YiMagazine that this year’s leading tiger is similar to a cat in appearance, and it is easy to handle the cute and fat cat effect.”The tiger is not so common, the image of the cat is borrowed to the original fierce tiger, this kind of creative analogy is easier to stimulate the imagination of consumers, produce the effect of emotional superposition, deliver richer emotions.”Louis said.A closer look at the cases we mentioned above shows that even though they are cat-like, they are still the foundation of the tiger. These practices only play a minor role in making up for the lack of cats in the Chinese zodiac.Baicaowei short frequency finally out of the screen of the cat, is where the students “small coconut”, as early as 2020, it appeared in the video of where the students, where the students B station trumpet are small coconut for the name.Eagle-eyed fans instantly recognized the kitten on Baicaowei Weibo.In the case of Loro Piana, some marketing people speculated that there was a large probability of AB test, and found that the click-through rate of “Big cat is coming” copy was higher.All this may seem like a tricky solution that doesn’t really turn the year of the Tiger into the Year of the Cat.This “copy the cat and draw a tiger”, can be regarded as this year’s zodiac marketing of a way of thinking, it and the use of homophonic stem, will be directly printed on the product, and the tiger image of the IP joint marketing play together, playing the “atmosphere group” at the same time, but also to a certain extent to pull the role of brand sales.Left: Fleisch and Bubblemart year of the Tiger products;Top right: Yili Changlight and IP image panghu joint yogurt;Bottom right: Lanzhi and IP image Fat Hu joint air cushion Spring Festival holiday as the “central flow entrance”, is the marketing golden period of brand competition, especially drinks, snacks, cakes and other products closely related to the Scene of the New Year, especially in this period to compete for the attention of consumers.Whether it is homecoming, reunion, or the zodiac, the association with the Spring Festival scene is borrowed to give consumers an reason to pay at a particular point in time.Compared with other profound traditional cultural elements, the meaning of the zodiac is more direct, and the visual image of the animal also makes it more plastic.The richness of the twelve zodiac also allows the brand to use it every year to do new content creation.The “Zodiac bottle” of Nongfu Spring and the new products of luxury products launched every Spring Festival are all examples of brand marketing using the concept of “zodiac” continuously.According to Louis of New Cannery, zodiac marketing has changed from simply grafting on products to more integration with pop culture.For example, more than ten years ago, Hengyuanxiang can use the brainwashing cycle of “Hengyuanxiang, Yangyangyang” or “Hengyuanxiang, Niuniuniu” to form memory points in the hearts of consumers in the form of TV advertising, but now young consumers like more closely connected with life, more “meaningful” expression.From this point of view, the combination of tiger and cat can yet be regarded as a new marketing CP.Back to the “tiger” itself, it can be regarded as one of the zodiac’s strongest fashion sense.Kenzo, a light luxury brand, uses the tiger’s head as one of its classic motifs, and the “tiger print” is also an enduring element in fashion circles.Of course, every marketing element has its freshness period, zodiac station C is the Chinese New Year this period of time, to the end of the year can not help from the “rat, cow, tiger and rabbit” began to count again: Ah?What year is it again?However, with the foundation of the Year of the Tiger, as well as richer marketing content and the evolution of the form, we can still look forward to the future zodiac can be extended to what wonderful form.Finally, Yicaijun and his cat Hammer wish everyone a happy New Year