Chongqing CDC latest health alert: added Hulun Buir City of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Chenzhou city of Hunan Province

2022-05-10 0 By

On February 15, Hulunbuir city in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Chenzhou city in Hunan Province reported new local confirmed cases or people who tested positive for nucleic acid.According to the relevant requirements of Epidemic prevention and control in Chongqing, those who have been living in Hulunbuir since February 1 and chenzhou since February 14 should report in time and cooperate with the prevention and control measures.In order to strictly implement the prevention and control strategy of “preventing importation from abroad and rebounding from within”, according to the principle of “early detection, early reporting, early diagnosis and early isolation” and relevant regulations of Chongqing municipality, Chongqing CDC reminds:People returning to Chongqing who have a history of travel and residence in key periods and regions and have taken the corresponding means of transportation should report to communities (villages), work units, hotels and b&Bs in the first time or fill in their personal information through the “Community Report QR code” (download address: under the premise of personal protection.In accordance with the requirements of nucleic acid testing, isolation observation, health monitoring and other prevention and control measures.People from other cities returning to Chongqing should take the initiative to complete a nucleic acid test within 24 hours.Special reminder according to the latest announcement issued by baise of guangxi, dynamic adjustment is made in baise of guangxi :(1) the centralized isolation adjustment of people from baise of guangxi is implemented in accordance with the health management of people from key areas in China;(2) People under centralized quarantine will also be subject to health management for people returning to Chongqing from key areas in China (version 1). However, at least two nucleic acid tests are required before they can be released from quarantine.(1) Do not go to medium and high risk areas, cities and key areas if it is not necessary, and reduce the flow of people across provinces (regions and cities).When going out, observe the appointment and traffic restriction regulations, travel at different times and at different peaks, and cooperate with epidemic prevention measures such as “temperature measurement, code check”.(2) Do not hold gathering activities unless necessary.According to the principle of “who holds, who is responsible for, who organizes, who is responsible for”, strictly control the size of the venue and the flow of people, to prevent the gathering of people.It is advocated that no more than 10 people should attend family dinners and gatherings. It is advocated that “weddings should be handled slowly, funerals should be handled simply, and banquets should not be held”. If necessary, activities should be held as small as possible.People aged 60 and above and people with serious chronic diseases should avoid going to crowded places as much as possible.(3) Maintain personal protection awareness at all times, wear masks properly, improve hand hygiene, cover coughs and sneezes, keep indoor ventilation, maintain a social distance of at least one meter, and develop good hygiene habits.Wear masks in public transport, elevators and other confined places, as well as outdoor places where people gather.(4) strengthen the self health management, such as fever (37.3 ℃ or higher), dry cough, fatigue, sore throat and a stuffy nose, runny nose, smell, taste) sleep loss, diarrhea and other symptoms, should wear a face mask, in a timely manner to the nearby hospital fever outpatient service seeing a doctor, take the initiative to inform travel history and contact, in the process of medical treatment to avoid taking public transportation.V. Vaccination is an important means of epidemic prevention and control. Novel Coronavirus vaccine should be administered to all persons of appropriate age without contraindications as soon as possible.Citizens eligible for enhanced immunization should receive the “booster jab” as soon as possible.(6) Avoid online shopping or purchasing cold-chain food from overseas and regions in China where cases have been reported.If you need to buy, you should go to the regular market or supermarket with legal business qualifications to buy.When purchasing imported cold chain food, wear a mask at all times, and wear disposable gloves or use food clips and other tools to avoid direct contact with food surfaces.When processing, separate raw and cooked, cook thoroughly, pay attention to clean hands, avoid touching eyes, mouth and nose.Upstream news reporter Shi Heng