This operation can improve the quality of eggplant seed production

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Pruning technology to improve the quality of eggplant seedTo choose suitable local environment growth, and growth;Strong branching ability;Good disease resistance;Great potential for production increase;Good commodity;Medium and late maturing varieties with good quality.If the grafting effect is good, no grafting black scar, stubble and other varieties can also be.② Pruning of eggplant plants.Master pruning in different parts of eggplant.Some places simply trim dead leaves, others cut straight from the stem.Regular pruning can improve the quality and yield of eggplant.General use of household control ladder pruning method, cut off the old leaves and side branches.According to the situation of eggplant growth, transplanting seedlings or flat stubble regeneration cultivation was carried out after the production cycle.If the roots of the eggplant fruit are cut off, many new shoots will come out.Generally, new shoots can germinate in 6 to 7 days.After the new shoots germinate, two of them are left and the rest are obliterate.Generally updated 15 to 20 days after flowering, and then delayed 15 days after the eggplant fruit can reach the harvest on the market.For some normal growing plants with slight surface weakness, weak branches can be removed.Moderately weak, numerous and small fruits may be removed first, leaving one or two robust buds.If dehydration is evident, the weak roots should be cut off.The choice should be in fine weather when clip undertakes, the correct processing that clip completes should notice a cut (if: gush with 500 times fluid of much fungus spirit with 50%, or methyl tubujin 500 times fluid adds water to attune paste strong daub cut), prevent infection disease severely.③ The time of eggplant pruning.Generally speaking, eggplants planted in the normal season are pruned at the end of July.At this time the upper branches of eggplant in the shed began to decline, it is the right time to prune, after the prune eggplant can be listed at the end of August and early September, easing the off-season of the market.But the unconventional seasonal cultivation of eggplant or should be determined according to its growth to determine the time of pruning.(4) the pruning method of eggplant.Eggplant has two kinds of pruning methods, (1) distribution pruning method: that is, on the opposite side of the diagonal cut branches.Cut off the side branch first and then the other branch;(2) one-time pruning method: that is, the upper branches and leaves are all cut off at the height of about 10 cm from the ground in the main rod, and the pruning wound is treated well in the meantime.Two: eggplant planting after picking heart eggplant picking heart is also called top, the principle and pruning have something similar, is an important adjustment measures to improve the yield of eggplant plant growth.Picking the core of eggplant plant can not only reduce its nutrient consumption, but also make its nutrient supply to the branch of plant better.According to the fruit setting rule of eggplant with the more branches of the plant and its bud fruit will increase the more, basically each branch sits a fruit this growth characteristics, so in eggplant planting should be timely heart picking treatment, in order to promote the rapid branch of eggplant plants, increase the fruit parts, in order to improve the fruit setting rate of eggplant.Two: promote weak control, timely topdressing weak seedlings to strengthen the management of fertilizer and water, in the bloom after mature dilute dung or cake fertilizer, combined with calcium superphosphate.Spraying KAO 3 to improve pollen fertilization quality.After entering the full fruiting stage, the top application was mainly made of quick-acting nitrogen fertilizer, which was applied 3 to 5 times in the fruiting stage.Furthermore, spraying Caowang 3 inhibited the growth of the main shoot and turned the vegetative growth into fruit reproductive development.At the same time, but also pay attention to the combination of topdressing for watering.Eggplant pruning regeneration cultivation, long growth cycle, developed roots need heavy base fertilizer.Generally, when preparing the land, each mu of soil fertilizer, organic fertilizer 3000 to 4000 kg, phosphate fertilizer and ternary compound fertilizer 50 kg each.Deep fertilizer into the soil, fine, watering loose soil.Three: spraying nutrition regulator in the growth process of eggplant plant, timely spraying CAI Guo Zhuang Di Ling to enhance pollen fertilization quality, enhance the cycle of eggplant plant fruit setting rate, promote fruit development and growth.