Cloud bar | Dali: spring warm tea fragrance, busy mountain tea picking

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Spring breeze smile green hills, happy to see silver buds everywhere fang.Orchid refers to flying with butterfly dance, gathered cloud pressure thousand basket.Walking into Kebao Village, Wuliangshan Town, Dali Prefecture, the green tea ladder sprouts sprout, and a picture of the spring scenery of the vibrant tea garden comes into view. Tea farmers are busy picking the first batch of spring tea of 2022, taking advantage of the fine weather.Every day at 18 o ‘clock is the busiest time of kebao village tea primary preparation, tea farmers are busy to pick the day of the tea bud “baihao” to sell to the primary preparation of tea.”My home has nearly 20 acres of tea garden, every spring is our tea picking the busiest season, now is the best quality of the spring tea, today I picked tea sold 360 yuan, since the spring tea mining my home sold three to four thousand yuan, according to the current price, my home can sell more than 100,000 yuan.”Tea farmer Guo Meimei’s face is full of joy of harvest.”Kebao Tea Primary Processing Institute began to process white tea in 2016. Due to the unique flavor and good taste of white tea, it has been favored by the majority of consumers once launched. At present, our white tea products are in short supply, and the output value is expected to reach 6 million yuan this year.”Can protect village party general branch secretary Yang Kaitai said.White tea is picked without leaves of the bud, because of its white color, bud small and long, so called baekho or baekho silver needle, after picking the white tea does not need any machine processing, just use bamboo dustpan spread air (micro carving), dry can soak water for drinking, retain the most authentic taste of tea to the maximum.White tea soup color bright, fragrant, lubricated taste, drink a lip teeth stay fragrant.Kebao Village, Wuliangshan Town, is rich in white tea. Every family has a tea garden of several mu, and the village has a total of 3,200 mu of tea gardens.In 2015, Kebao Village began to introduce white tea, relying on the poverty alleviation project, and grafted free tea for tea farmers to transform the tea garden, improving the yield and quality of tea. The grafted white tea has good taste and high economic benefit, greatly increasing the income of tea farmers, driving nearly 500 villagers around to increase their income and get rich, extending the industrial chain.White tea has become a local characteristic industry of “one village, one product” in Kebao Village, wuliangshan Town Kebao Village is telling a story of rural revitalization integrating tea with agriculture, tea to enrich people and tea tourism…Chuncheng Evening News – Kaiping news reporter Yang Weiqi correspondent Chen Yongcai Zhao Songlin Li Chen photo reporting responsibility editor Yuan Xi proofreading Liu self-study editor Wang Yun