Country Garden Star Chen Yayuan: decoration delivery, up to 93 percent discount

2022-05-12 0 By

Joy in to buy a house Ginger ginger on February 7, 2022, starting on the first day, against the snow and music in hefei | spring out in full swing, hitting the hefei floor scene, a baseline market dynamics, the Spring Festival with the latest real estate information.Country Garden Star Chen Yanyuan is selling 9# houses with a floor area of 129 square meters and an average price of 15000 yuan/square meters.In the sale of decoration house 11#, apartment building surface 90-100-107 flat, the average price of 14500 yuan/flat.It is expected to add the small high-rise 1# on February 10, the apartment building surface 90-129 level, the average price of 14200 yuan/level.During the Spring Festival, the purchase of 9#, 11#, within 3 days of timely signing, can enjoy 93% discount;From the first day to the sixth day, there were more than 20 groups of project visits and about 10 groups of transactions.