I am busy with the production of electronic enterprises in Chongqing Liangjiang New Area during the Spring Festival

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On February 5th, the fifth day of the first lunar month, the streets were still immersed in the festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival and the thick atmosphere of the Winter Olympics.In the workshop of Chongqing Wanguo Semiconductor Technology Co., LTD. (hereafter referred to as Wanguo Semiconductor) in Soshui New Town, Liangjiang New District, Chongqing, the production scene is in full flow.Photolithography, ion implantation, etching, grinding, backing gold……One production line is busy, employees are on their respective jobs, nervous and orderly busy production.Wanguo semiconductor is the first power semiconductor company in Asia to integrate 12-inch chip and package testing.It is understood that wanguo semiconductor has sufficient orders. In order to timely deliver orders, it will not stop during the Spring Festival, and the capacity is 100% full.”About 600 people a day are working on the production line to ensure 24-hour production.”The relevant person in charge of the enterprise.During the Spring Festival, wANGUO semiconductor’s products, including power semiconductor wafers and power semiconductor components, will be sold by land and air to many regions in China and many countries around the world.Among them, power semiconductor wafer chips are mainly used in the field of power management and power devices, covering communications, consumer electronics, etc. It will actively drive the rapid development of automotive electronics, intelligent household appliances and other aspects, and promote the construction of the whole industry chain of “core screen device core network”.To protect employees at ease to work during the Spring Festival, all the nations semiconductor warm heart moves: introduce you to the three times in addition to the statutory holidays, setting up lucrative Spring Festival leave post wages and working overtime reward, also for on-the-job worker family reunion dinner on New Year’s eve, warm the heart of activities such as lucky draw, all-round increase holiday security, let the on-the-job employees feel thick festal atmosphere.”My main work is the line operation, I volunteered to stay on post during the Spring Festival, for the company’s smooth production during holidays and efforts.”Zhou Jia, an employee of the manufacturing department, said that a series of heart-warming measures and guarantees made her feel at ease to stick to the production line.Guo Pengfei, an employee of the industrial safety branch who lives in Guangdong, also chose to stay on voluntarily.”I actively responded to the epidemic prevention policy of not going to medium-high risk areas unless necessary, and stayed in Chongqing during the Spring Festival to do a good job in safety inspection, epidemic prevention and control and emergency response, and contribute to the company’s production safety.”During the Spring Festival, many electronic enterprises in liangjiang New Area are busy with orders and production at full capacity.It is reported that boe optoelectronics, BOE electronic technology, BOE display lighting, BOE smart electronics, Laibao technology and other key electronic enterprises in the new area do not stop work, do not stop production.According to statistics, only in The Liangjiang New District shushui New Town, the number of electronic production line workers for the Spring Festival has reached 15,000.Electronic industry is the pillar industry of Liangjiang New Area, which gathers upstream and downstream enterprises in the subdivided fields of electronic industry such as centralized circuit, new display and intelligent terminal.In recent years, Liangjiang New Area has accelerated the construction of the whole industry chain of “core screen, device and core network”, optimized and improved the whole factor group of “cloud connected data computing”, continuously promoted the quality and efficiency improvement of intelligent terminal and new display industry, accelerated the chain strengthening of integrated circuit industry, and made efforts to promote the high-quality development of electronic industry.(Article/photo provided by Wang Yuting)