Together in the corner, colorful folk Lantern Festival

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“Sell tangyuan, sell tangyuan, the tangyuan here are round and round…”A song “Selling Glutinous rice balls” resounded in the corner.On the afternoon of February 11, zhujiajiao town new era civilization practice branch center is staged a “our festival – the fifteenth day of the first month lanterns qiao, happy Lantern Festival” activities.People happily sit together, singing songs, performances, DIY tiger lanterns, Lantern Festival with joy.”In this traditional Chinese festival, I am very happy to participate in this activity with all of you, feel the festive atmosphere of reunion and reunion like family, and experience the custom of the festival is very happy.Citizen Lee Mei-jin said.The Lantern Festival has the custom of decorating lanterns, DIY tiger lanterns become the “grand finale” of Lantern Festival activities.Unpacking, stripping, assembling, pasting…Everyone sat together, followed the rhythm of the teacher, busy.Before long, a “tiger head tiger brain” lanterns appear in front of the public, we happily take photos to show.Since ancient times, the Lantern Festival has had the custom of eating yuanxiao, watching lanterns and guessing lantern riddles.In order to better show the atmosphere of the Lantern Festival, the organizers set up a riddle guessing session, the host from the lantern riddle box one by one to answer the riddle, the winner.Members of the public participated in the event with greater knowledge than common sense.At the same time, Shanghai opera, recitation, folk songs, performances and other live performances bring a visual feast to the public.The staff also prepared tangyuan for everyone, so that the citizens who participate in the activity can enjoy this round and round.