On the urgent search for close contact liu mou contact personnel notice

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At 21 o ‘clock on March 30, 2022, our county received information pushed by the provincial CENTER for Disease Control and Prevention. Liu, a citizen of our county, and a non-local positive infected person took the same train on March 26, belonging to a close contact.This close contact has been quarantined and put under centralized control. Now the travel track of this close contact is published as follows: Nucleic acid test was conducted at the nucleic acid sampling site of Changsha South Railway Station at 12:55 on March 26, and the result was negative;13:00 arrive changsha Railway Station by metro Line 2 and do not stop at ticket barrier and entrance;13:42 Take T8322, bus 03 hard sleeper instead of hard seat 02D, from Changsha to Yiyang;Get out of Yiyang Railway Station at 14:50, take didi Express, from Yiyang to Taojiang, the passenger is only liu, wearing a mask, 15:20 arrived at Shuxiang Garden taohuajiang Town;16:17 Went to buy fruit at The Meiguolai fresh shop opposite Jinyu Manor, wore a mask all the time, and checked out at 16:28;At 16:37, I went shopping in Bsatisfactory Tobacco and Wine Supermarket opposite Taojiang Stadium. I wore a mask all the time. I checked out at 16:39 and did not go out after returning home.March 27 11:03 drive to Gaoqiao Heye Tangheye Village, arrive at 11:25;17:16 arrived at gaoqiao people’s house to measure, 17:29 check out and leave;17:30 shopping in Gaoqiao Healthy Baby and baby store, 17:43 check out and return to Gaoqiao Heye Tangheye Village;20:46 drove back to taojiang home and did not go out again.March 28 07:42 in Taojiang No. 1 Middle School near the residence of Wuhan fried sauce noodles restaurant for dinner;07:54 Buy breakfast at Ronghua Restaurant near my residence in Taojiang No.1 Middle School;10:34 from his wife drove to xinhua bookstore diagonally opposite vegetable market to pick up his mother-in-law, did not get off, 10:42 home;18:36 Shopping in Furong Xingsheng downstairs in Shuxiang Garden;The rest of the time at home.At 10:27 on March 29, I went shopping in Furong Xingsheng downstairs in Shuxiang Garden.12:26 Shopping in Furong Xingsheng downstairs in Shuxiang Garden;Go to the Construction Bank on Wenhua Road at 16:16, wait in the car before entering the bank, and leave at 16:29;Stop at the opposite side of Zijiang Road bubugao and leave at 16:37.16:54 Help to carry things at the gate of Haorun Jia Supermarket, without wearing a mask, without entering the supermarket, and then go home;The rest of the time at home.At 11:57 on March 30, I went shopping in Furong Xingsheng downstairs in Shuxiang Garden.The rest of the time do not go out at home until transferred to the centralized isolation point.Please report to the village (community) or county CENTER for Disease Control and Prevention immediately if you have contact history with Liu or have overlapping activities in the above period, and cooperate with the implementation of relevant prevention and control measures.Those who conceal or fail to cooperate and affect epidemic prevention and control will be held accountable in accordance with the law.Please pay attention to official information, do not believe or spread rumors, maintain personal protection awareness at all times, wear masks, wash hands frequently, ventilate frequently, and maintain safe social distancing.Residents who have not been vaccinated against the Novel Coronavirus vaccine are advised to go to their local vaccination points in time for vaccination.In case of fever, cough, diarrhea, fatigue and other symptoms, you should wear a medical mask, go to the nearest fever clinic, avoid taking public transportation during medical treatment, and actively inform your activity and contact history during the 14 days.Taojiang County Center for Disease Control and Prevention tel: 0737-2659211.Annex: Epidemic Prevention and Control Duty Telephone number of Township People’s Governments Epidemic Prevention and Control Group, COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters, Taojiang County March 31, 2022